Telephone Test Products

Telephone Test Products


The modern phone is not the same device our grandparents used. Major advancements in technology have introduced innovations like ultra-thin and ultra-small mobile phones, touch screens, hearing aid compatibility, 3G and 4G communication, WEP, WPA, conferencing, Bluetooth®, VoIP and integrations with media players and PDAs.

Fitting new phone and cross-platform technology into a suitable package is a challenge – taking into consideration market demands, growing trends, local and international standards, and budgetary concerns. To respond to this challenge, Brüel & Kjær supplies telecom companies with a range of high-quality, tested and integrated equipment that allows them to:

  • Benchmark against competitor products for future development or component selection
  • Conformance test to ensure compliance with relevant standards (such as ITU, IEC and 3GPP)
  • Quality control to maintain product quality and production yield and maximize uptime
  • Set requirements that agree with customer preferences and ensure product differentiation
  • Test component and product durability


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Telephone Test Products

Ensure Customer Preference and Product Differentiation

Consumers have strong and clear ideas of a product’s expected performance, so it is crucial to transform these expectations into products that satisfy customers. For the Telecom market, there is strong focus on new product development, which is shaped by customer input, market trends, R&D innovation, and legislation. The sound quality evaluation process can be simplified with Brüel & Kjær’s Sound Quality solutions which, together with the Telephone Test and Electroacoustic suites, make a powerful platform for the total assessment of the acoustic quality of telephones.

Product Parameters

To answer the expansive needs of Telecom engineers, Brüel & Kjær has created a dedicated suite specifically for telephone testing. The suite provides high-quality, reliable measurement and analysis solutions that can be customised to fit the technical requirements of a customer’s test facilities. Based on an open and flexible structure that supports the entire measurement chain, the suite allows engineers to perform simple and advanced electroacoustic measurements.

Testing Environmental Durability

A manufacturer should be able to evaluate how well its products hold up under typical environmental conditions. Among the everyday events that can occur, are falls, shocks, rattling, impacts during transportation and a variety of meteorological conditions. By running environmental tests, a manufacturer can check for failures and optimise the design and materials of products, components and packaging. Our range of vibration and environmental testing solutions are suitable for testing of the smallest component to the largest entertainment and speaker assembly.

Ensure that New Equipment Complies with Relevant Standards

For Telecom manufacturers, failure to comply with standards could prevent the marketing of a product or harm the user. We provide the Telecom industry with a wide range of tools for verification of standards compliance – for mobiles, stationary phones and VoIP terminals. All telephone test measurement and analysis solutions are developed according to international standards (ETSI, ITU, IEC, ANSI and 3GPP) and are flexible enough for users to design their own test cases for specific compliance issues and scenarios.

Ensure Product Quality while Maximizing Production Yield

Time to market is critical. Whether you are producing the same component year in and year out, or continuously updating designs and expanding the model catalogue, product quality and maximised outputs must be maintained. Accurate testing and calibration procedures are essential to secure selective testing and minimise false rejects. We supply a fast production line testing solution to test the audio quality of mobile and stationary telephones, headsets, and sub-components.

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Telephone Test Products

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