2270 Sound Intensity / Noise Source location

Complete Hand-Held Sound Intensity System

A complete hand-held sound intensity system offering sound intensity measurements for noise source location, sound power calculations and noise mapping.

The system performs hand-held, battery-powered sound intensity measurements for noise source location and sound power calculations. It includes the 2-channel Hand-held Analyzer Type 2270 (incorporating sound level meter), Sound Intensity Software BZ-7233 and a Sound Intensity Probe Kit Type 3654.

This system includes a weatherproof carrying case housing the hand-held analyzer, a probe with a windscreen, an extension stem with a handle, an intensity adaptor for Sound Calibrator Type 4231, a tape measure, and earphones. The case can also house optional accessories such as a sound calibrator, sound intensity calibrator and spare batteries.

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Features of Hand-held Sound Intensity System – Type 2270 G


  • Sound intensity measurements to IEC 61043
  • Basic sound power measurements
  • Noise source location
  • Leak detection
  • Noise mapping
  • Building acoustics – flanking transmission path investigation


  • 1/1- and 1/3-octave analyses
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz–10 kHz using 12 mm spacer
  • Measurement quality indicators
  • Grid measurement surface with up to 15 × 15 segments
  • Photographic, textual, metadata and verbal annotations
  • Visual data manager keeps track of measurements and data
  • Number map superimposed on an image of the measurement object
  • Export to mapping software

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2270 Sound Intensity / Noise Source location

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