Sound Sources

Sound Sources

For the proper measurement of building acoustics a range of sound sources is required that should fulfil the relevant standards, for example ISO140.

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Sound Sources

Available Measurement Sources

Brüel & Kjær’s range of sound sources are optimised for building acoustics and include omnidirectional sources for excitation of rooms and partitions, and tapping machines for floor excitation.

  • Power amplifier – Type 2713 – Designed to drive highly capacitive transducers to high voltage levels, such as when hydrophones Types 8103, 8104 or 8105 are employed as projectors in underwater calibration arrangements.
  • Power Amplifier – Type 2734 – Designed to power sound sources in building and room acoustic field measurements.
  • Measurement Power Amplifier – Type 2735 – A compact, highperformance, 2 × 35 W power amplifier designed for electroacoustic and general-purpose applications.
  • Tapping Machine – Type 3207 – Designed for impact sound measurements to national and international standards. The unit is available with an optional battery kit and a remote control.
  • Reference Sound Source – Type 4204 – A calibrated source of sound power with well defined operating characteristics and a predictable performance. It is rugged, compact and stable, and is therefore suitable for both field and laboratory use.
  • OmniPower Sound Source – Type 4292-L – Designed for airborne noise transmission measurements.
  • OmniSource Loudspeaker – Type 4295 – Designed for the measurement of room acoustic quantities, such as reverberation time, sound distribution and spatial decay.
  • OmniSource with 4299 Volume Velocity Adaptor – Type 4295 – Covers the most relevant frequency range for vehicle noise applications, that is, from 50Hz to around 6.3kHz.
  • Echo Speech Source Type 4720 – Sound source delivering a calibrated signal that is used by the DIRAC room acoustics software to measure a range of speech intelligibility parameters.

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Sound Sources

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