Dirac Room Analysis Software

Software for measuring a wide range of room acoustical parameters

DIRAC PC software is used for measuring a wide range of room acoustical parameters. Based on the measurement and analysis of impulse responses, DIRAC supports a variety of measurement configurations. For accurate measurements according to the ISO 3382 standard, you can use internally or externally generated stimulus signals through a loudspeaker sound source. Survey measurements are easily carried out using a small impulsive sound source, such as a blank pistol or even a balloon. Speech intelligibility measurements can be carried out in compliance with the IEC 60268–16 standard, for male and female voices, through an artificial mouth-directional loudspeaker sound source or through direct injection into a sound system, taking into account the impact of background noise.

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Features of DIRAC Room Acoustics Software — Type 7841


  • Measure the acoustics of any room, hall or space
  • Measure speech intelligibility
  • Check acoustics before and after modification
  • Compare acoustics of different rooms
  • Scale model measurements
  • Sound system test and validation
  • Research and education on acoustics
  • Troubleshooting room acoustics
  • Compare measurements to predictions (ODEON)


  • Dual-channel room acoustics
  • Fulfils ISO 3382 (room acoustics), ISO 18233 (analysis methods) and IEC 60268–16 (speech intelligibility)
  • Time reverse filtering to measure short reverberation times
  • Impulse response editing with unlimited undo
  • Auto Measure for large rooms
  • Predefined and user-defined parameters
  • Auralisation of any sound played in a room, using the room’s impulse response
  • Comparisons and statistics of results
  • Exports selected parameters to spreadsheet
  • Auto Sync for open loop measurements

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Dirac Room Analysis Software

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