Bruel & Kjaer Calibration and Repair Information

Bruel & Kjaer instruments and transducers requiring service and calibration and required to be shipped to the Bruel & Kjaer North American Service Center in Norcross Georgia. This state-of-the-art facility is the only authorized Bruel & Kjaer calibration and repair facility in North America. Bruel & Kjaer Calibration of your equipment includes:

  • Traceable to national institutes (DPLA, NIST, NPL, PTB)
  • Proof that calibration is in accordance with ISO quality standard
  • The certificate can be used as legally accepted documentation

For Canadian customers, shipping your equipment to this facility has been streamlined to provide minimum transfer cost and time. These include:

  • Prepaid shipping to the service center.
  • Elimination of cross-border brokerage and duties.
  • Assistance in completion of forms required.

How to Ship in your Equipment

The following is a brief guideline on how to ship in your equipment for servicing or calibration:

  1. Obtain a blank FedEx International Waybill.
  2. Complete a Service Request Form (pdf), which goes inside of the box with the equipment. Indicate the type of return shipping you require (1 day, 2 day, ground, etc.)
  3. Provide a note with the service request form describing the work you require (or problem symptom).
  4. Prepare the FedEx Bill and commercial invoice. Blank Form (pdf) and Instructions For Completion (pdf).

Note: Return shipping from the service center charges are your responsibility and the recommend way to avoid customs related problems is to indicate “prepay and charge” on the service request form. The returns shipping charges are very reasonable, and will be added to your invoice.
To obtain Bruel & Kjaer Fed Ex Shipping account number, please send an email to or contact Xscala.

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