High Force Range For Large Objects

V964, V984, AND V994 SHAKERS

High Force, High Reliability

Used where large payloads need high performance vibration or shock testing, the V900 Series gives engineers the confidence they need to develop highly reliable products. These systems have been used in single and multi-shaker configurations, and have been used to test products such as satellites and missiles. The Lin-E-Air shaker suspension system gives excellent isolation, reducing the effects of vibrations from the shaker on the surrounding environment.

An optional guided head expander ensures that loads with off-center center of gravities can be tested effectively and safely. The addition of a slip table enables products to be tested in both vertical and horizontal axes. The slip table is also available with a thermal barrier for use in environmental tests.

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Features of High Force – Large Product Range


  • 3 axis testing of complete satellite systems
  • Avionics and military hardware testing
  • Structural dynamics testing
  • Clean room environments
  • Multi-shaker, multi-axis applications


  • Peak force ratings from 20,000 – 65,000 lbf – highest available force of any shaker available today!
  • Wide frequency range up to 2,500 Hz
  • Combination of high performance armature design and water-cooled coils delivers excellent acceleration and velocity performance
  • Automatic armature and body position load compensation system ensures larger loads can be comfortably accommodated
  • Trunnions feature Lin-E-Air suspension system as standard, resulting in improved low-frequency performance, providing air isolation from test vibration
  • Rolling strut armature suspension system provides up to 2.0” displacement for sine operation and 2.5” transient pulses
  • Vertical or horizontal operation, with optional slip table
  • Thermal barriers available for all systems for improved environmental test capability
  • Compatible with LDS COMETUSB™ and LASERUSB™ Vibration Controllers
  • V994 features guided head expander

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High Force Range For Large Objects

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