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Short term rental of instrumentation

Unlike established methods of monitoring which require significant capital investment, you can use our instrumentation, or one of your own compatible Brüel & Kjær sound level meters1, and pay a subscription fee for the period of monitoring. Whilst monitoring you can view noise and weather data in real time, receive immediate alerts should levels approach compliance limits and capture all noise data in high resolution for post processing and reporting, even while monitoring is ongoing.

After monitoring is completed you return any equipment you have leased. Beyond that we continue to look after your data securely and safely in the cloud for as long as you like, making it easy to find, easy to share and accessible anywhere over the internet.

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Features of Sentinel on Demand

With Sentinel – On Demand now you can :

Optimize your cost base: don’t invest in instrumentation that lies idle when you’re not using it, always use the most up to date instrumentation, no longer any need to worry about upgrades, calibration, or have it depreciating on your books. We remove the complexity around outdoor noise monitoring increasing your efficiency.

Reduce financial risk: leasing equipment from us, there are zero up-front costs and everything including shipping and communications charges in included in your subscription. Subscription payments for the service, even when used with your own sound level meter, are due in arrears and therefore align with your revenue streams. Being able to use existing equipment you own for subscription-based noise monitoring also reduces financial risk.

Increase business opportunity: with optimised costs, reduced financial risk and increased agility, now you can take on more monitoring projects and monitor at more locations for longer, delivering a better result for your client.

Protect all your data: everything is hosted securely in your own reserved cloud space, accessible anywhere over the internet, you can even upload additional files such as summary reports and supplementary information so that everything is stored together with each monitoring project – no more lost data should you need to access it years into the future.

Helps you deliver your client peace of mind: whether you are monitoring compliance or providing background measurements for planning applications you can show your client that you know what’s happening on site and you have their noise issues under control.

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Sentinel on Demand

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