4128 Head and Torso Simulator

Correct simulation of the acoustic field around a human head and torso

Head and Torso Simulator Type 4128 consists of a head mounted on a torso which extends to the waist. You can use it free-standing, or fitted on a tripod or rotating table using the tripod mounting-adaptor supplied.

With its simplified shape, Type 4128 has the international average dimensions of a human adult. In airborne acoustic measurements it provides the correct simulation of the acoustic field around a human head and torso.

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Features of 4128 Head and Torso Simulator

  • Measurements on handset and headset telephones
  • Measurements on loudspeaking and hands-free telephones for mobile and domestic use
  • In-situ/insertion measurements of hearing aids
  • Evaluation of headphones
  • Evaluation of hearing protectors
  • Evaluation of close-talking/noise-cancelling microphones

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4128 Head and Torso Simulator

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