2250 Hand-Held FFT System

The clever approach to machinery noise and vibration assessment

Types 2250 and 2270 are the easy, safe and clever approach to machinery noise and vibration assessment, diagnostics and quality control. The analyzers combine high frequency resolution (up to 6400 lines of analysis), tap-and-drag operation and a wide dynamic range to become the perfect on-location machine noise and vibration tool.

Frequency analysis based on the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm is the tool of choice for measurement and diagnostics of machinery noise and vibration. The frequency “profile” of a machine is its fingerprint, revealing its sources of noise and vibration and their paths to the measurement position.

FFT Analysis Software and FFT-based Tone Assessment Software enable objective and subjective tone assessments.

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Features of 2250 Hand-Held FFT System

  • FFT analysis of vibration or sound
  • Machinery troubleshooting
  • Pure tone investigation for environmental noise measurements
  • Accelerometer or microphone input signal
  • Quality control
  • Building vibration analysis
  • Hand-held FFT analysis of vibration or sound
  • Single-channel analysis
  • Over 6400 lines of resolution
  • Zoom analysis
  • Auto peak finder
  • Acceleration, velocity or displacement
  • Utility software for archive view and export

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2250 Hand-Held FFT System

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