Vibration Controllers

Vibration controllers

Brüel & Kjær manufactures the industry-leading vibration controllers: LASER and COMET. Additionally Brüel & Kjær is reseller of the next-generation vibration controller Spider-81 and Spider-81B from Crystal Instruments.

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Features of Vibration Controller & Software


  • Random tests
  • Sine tests
  • Shock tests
  • Swept sine


  • 64-bit compatible
  • Very economical yet suitable to be a random vibration controller, a controller for sine vibration, or a shock tester
  • Simplified or advanced user interfaces suitable for different operators and tests
  • Setup Wizard for quick test setup
  • Coordinated operation of thermal chamber and shaker controller from the same PC for seamless combined thermal and vibration testing
  • Superb dynamic range aids control of highly dynamic structures
  • Automatic safety checks to protect your valuable equipment
  • USB connectivity makes it as easy to install as adding a mouse or keyboard to your PC

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Vibration Controllers

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