Vibration Calibrators

Vibration Calibrators

Vibration Exciters

Frequency response recording of accelerometers and other vibration transducers.

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Features of Vibration Calibrators

Available Vibration Calibrators:

  • Type 4290 – Calibration Exciter Type 4290 is an electrodynamic vibration exciter designed to vibrate accelerometers or small components at variable frequency in the range 200 Hz to 50 kHz. This range, with reliable acceleration control up to 30 kHz, makes the Calibration Exciter a useful reference device in high frequency vibration work.
  • Type 4294 – Type 4294 permits accurate adjustment of measuring instrumentation at a standard acceleration level of 10 ms–2 (0 – 70 g load). The reference signal may additionally be used for velocity and displacement calibration, at 10 mms–1 and 10 µm respectively.

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Vibration Calibrators

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