Sound Sources

Fulfil Industry Standards

For the proper measurement of building acoustics a range of sound sources is required that should fulfil the relevant standards, for example ISO140.

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Features of Sound Sources


Brüel & Kjær’s range of sound sources are optimized for building acoustics and include omnidirectional sources for excitation of rooms and partitions, and tapping machines for floor excitation.

Available Sources

  • Power amplifier – Type 2713
  • Power Amplifier – Type 2734
  • Measurement Power Amplifier – Type 2735
  • Tapping Machine – Type 3207
  • Reference Sound Source – Type 4204
  • OmniPower Sound Source – Type 4292-L
  • OmniSource Loudspeaker – Type 4295
  • OmniSource with 4299 Volume Velocity Adaptor – Type 4295
  • Echo Speech Source Type 4720

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Sound Sources

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