Precision Microphones & Preamps

Precision Microphones and Preamps

Accuracy Anywhere

Real-world issues like attaching a windscreen or dealing with variable humidity present no barriers to excellent measurements. Our microphones consistently perform to the highest standard in the field because of exacting construction and test procedures – performed in a class-10 cleanroom.

We supply exhaustive specifications and calibration information on a CD shipped with most microphones, allowing easy uploading to your analysis software for fast, highly accurate system calibration and compensation.

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Features of Precision Microphones & Preamps

Consistency out of the box

High quality materials are pre-aged in a heating cycle so that your microphone is delivered fully run-in, like a prestige car. The result is material stability that guarantees extremely reliable sensitivity out of the box, as well as less recalibration.

Avoid hidden costs

Avoid costly surprises and gain time you did not realize you were losing. We invest our time in fully developing our products, so that you do not waste yours in downtime, errors, or missed measurements.

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Precision Microphones & Preamps

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