Keep track of machine vibration levels

The Vibration monitor constantly keeps track of the machine vibration level. The Vibration monitor has two adjustable alarms, which can be used to ensure that the machine vibration does not exceed the acceptable or allowed limit. Hence the user obtains an active protection of the machine resulting in a considerable reduction of machine damages and accidents and thereby decreasing the maintenance expenses.

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Features of 8 Channel Vibration Monitor


The Vibration Monitor PCH 1072 can be used on many different machines in a production. It is very suitable for monitoring:

  • Ventilators
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Decanters
  • Separators and Mills


PCH 1072 Vibration Guard

This version monitors the development of vibrations in a machine and gives an alarm if the vibration level is too high. It distinguishes it self by having easy and flexible set up possibilities for frequency range alarms delay times etc. by using the user friendly control software xCom.

Price attractive alternative

For users who want to prevent their machines from damaging vibrations, e.g. vibrations coming from Unbalance and Misalignment.

Bearing Damages

A Bearing damage often occurs due to undetected unbalance or misalignment of a machine. Hence the machine runs for a very long time period with a much too high vibration level. This is the most common reason for serious machine crashes and down time.

Avoid unscheduled production stops

Deciding not to buy a Vibration monitor due to price can be a very unwise decision. Often this leads to extra unexpected expenses to machine repairs.

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