Lo Medium Force Range

V550, V555, V650, V721, AND V780 SHAKERS

Total System Solutions

With a combination of wide frequency range, high force and acceleration, this range of air-cooled shaker solutions delivers excellent all-around testing capabilities.

A number of optional extras enable the system to be tailored to suit most applications. Trunnion mounting and slip tables enable both vertical and horizontal testing, and the further addition of a thermal barrier allows for improved product testing under diverse environmental conditions.

The shakers can be controlled using either the COMETUSB or LASERUSB system controllers, or are compatible with 3rd party controllers or amplifi ers.

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Features of Lo Medium Force Range


  • Automotive component testing v
  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Structural testing
  • Modal investigation
  • Vibration stress testing under varied environmental conditions
  • In-house test and calibration facilities


  • Wide frequency range from DC up to 6,300 Hz
  • Peak force ratings from 150 lbs to 1149 lbs
  • Lightweight, high performance armature design (4.3” to 7” in diameter) delivers excellent acceleration and velocity performance
  • Vertical or horizontal operation
  • Optional software allows system tests to be controlled remotely using a PC
  • Compatible with LDS COMETUSB™ and LASERUSB™ Vibration Controllers
  • Ease of use and power saving features on LDS amplifiers reduce operating costs
  • Proven reliability maximizes system availability, combined with global servicing and support

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Lo Medium Force Range

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