Data Recording

Data Recorder - Xscala

Analytical Software

Software to help turn real-time data into measurable results. IPad Apps, Computer Software to simplify data outputs from Data Recording.

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Features of Data Recording

Available Applications

  • Sonoscout NVH Recorder – Type 3663 – iPad-based recording system for real-time validation using basic analysis tools. Recording data is transmitted to an iPad using a Wi-Fi front-end based on a LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware module.
  • Time Data Recording – Type 7708 – Software for advanced recording to PC with the option of simultaneous real-time analysis.
  • Stand-alone recorder – LAN-XI Notar™ – BZ-7848 – Firmware transforming any LAN-XI module into a stand-alone recorder with up to 12-channels. Battery power and solid-state memory for rugged and versatile recording.

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Data Recording

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