BK Connect LANXI Measurement Front Ends

LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware for BK Connect and Test for I-deas™

From 2 to 1000+ channels in the same system

LAN-XI Data Acquisition Hardware is a versatile system of modular hardware that can be used as a stand-alone, single-module front-end, as part of a distributed module setup, or collected in 11-module frames. The hardware is fully compatible with IDA hardware for BK Connect and works with both BK Connect and Test for I-deas.

The individual modules have a very rugged industrial design, perfect for use in the field, and, at the same time, are plug and play modules that you can easily reconfigure in different setups. Running on AC, DC, battery or Power over Ethernet (PoE) and with interchangeable front-panel connectors, LAN-XI hardware provides an extremely flexible system: scalable from 2 to more than 1000 channels with a frequency range of either 51.2 or 102.4 kHz and unlimited data transfer capacity.

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Features of LANXI Measurement Front Ends


  • Real-time, multichannel sound and vibration data acquisition system: scalable from 2 to 1000+ measurement channels, all
    phase- and sampling-synchronous (IEEE 1588 Precision Time
  • Stand-alone single-module front-end for small setups – up to
    6 channels and 2 generator outputs
  • Distributed multichannel system setups with multiple singlemodule
    front-ends located close to each measurement point
  • Multichannel systems comprising any number of front-end
    frames in combination with any number of single-module front-ends
  • Laboratory and field measurements using the same AC, DC,
    battery or PoE powered system
  • Multipurpose conditioning of transducers: same input channel
    can condition all S & V transducers


  • Standard frequency range of 0 to 51.2 kHz
  • High-frequency 102.4 kHz input modules available
  • Dyn-X technology input channels, 160 dB input range
  • Interchangeable front panels (BNC, LEMO or multi-pin connectors) – use your preferred cabling
  • Display on each module’s front panel: – Simplifies system configuration and reduces the time for setting up a measurement system – Provides module status information on self-test and error conditions
  • Full overload detection including out-of-band overload and generator overload
  • Indication of incorrect/defective conditioning on each channel connector
  • LAN interface allows the front-end to be close to the test object and reduces the number of signal cables and transducer cable length
  • Power: Mains, DC, battery and, for stand-alone modules, PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Rugged and light modules cast in magnesium
  • Silent operation
  • Fully compatible with BK Connect IDAe hardware
  • Fully compatible with all BK Connect applications
  • Automatic detection of hardware and transducers: – Supports IEEE 1451.4-capable TEDS transducers

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BK Connect LANXI Measurement Front Ends

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