Artificial Ears

Measurements in the audiometric and related fields

Artificial Ears Types 4152 and 4153 have been designed for measurements in the audiometric and related fields. They enable electroacoustical measurements on either insert earphones or headphones to be carried out under well defined acoustical conditions, which are of great importance for the comparability of different designs and the reproducibility of measurements.

Artificial Ears Types 4152 and 4153 consist of an acoustic coupler, a main housing containing the sockets for the connection of a Brüel & Kjær condenser microphone and a base plate with a mechanism for clamping the object being tested. The clamping mechanism is spring loaded and provides a force which can be adjusted from 2 N (approx. 0.2 kg) to 10 N (approx. 1 kg) as recommended by the relevant ANSI Standards, the actual force value being set on a scale engraved on the clamp holder. To minimise the effect of vibration during the measurements, each Artificial Ear is isolated from shock and vibration by means of three soft rubber feet.

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Features of Artificial Ears


  • Frequency response and sensitivity measurements on insert earphones and headphones
  • Calibration of audiometers


  • Conform to IEC and ANSI standards
  • Complete reproducibility of results
  • Well-defined measuring conditions
  • 2 cm3 and 6 cm3 couplers
  • Adjustable clamping force

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Artificial Ears

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