9640 – Turntable System

Rotate a test object for measurement of directional response

Turntable System Type 9640 consists of Controllable Turntable Type 5960, Turntable Controller Type 5997 and Remote Control WB 1254. The Turntable System is designed to rotate a test object, such as a loudspeaker, microphone, or hydrophone, for measurement of directional response.

Used in combination with a personal computer, Type 9640 becomes part of a system capable of automatically recording the directional characteristics of many different test objects.

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Features of Type 9640 – Turntable System


  • Controlling test-object (e.g., loudspeaker, microphone, hydrophone) orientation during:
    • Directional response measurements
    • Sound power measurements
    • Directional noise radiation measurements


  • Rotation of up to 100 kg load, supported or suspended
  • Continuous, relative or absolute rotation
  • Controlled from turntable controller, remote control unit or PC over IEEEñ488 interface
  • Adjustable turntable speed and acceleration
  • Connection of test object power supply and signal through slip ring
  • Front panel read-out of mode and current test-object position

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9640 – Turntable System

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