4602 Telephone Test Head

A versatile test head to handle new telephone designs

The appearance of diversified new telephone designs with asymmetrically positioned transducers, and mobile telephones with shapes differing vastly from previous traditional handsets, has made a requirement for a very versatile test head.

Brüel & Kjær’s new Telephone Test Head Type 4602B is a test jig which allows accurate positioning of telephone handsets, mobile telephones and cordless telephones relative to the Mouth Simulator and the Artificial Ear, enabling standardized measurements to be performed.

The lower main plate of the Test Head supports the Mouth Simulator Type 4227. This is accurately mounted on a suspended bushing to prevent transmission of vibrations from the Mouth Simulator to the handset and the Artificial Ear. Changing between the standardized speaking positions is simply a matter of selecting one of the associated and clearly marked mounting jigs. The upper main plate holds the artificial ear assembly and the handset.

The Artificial Ear is mounted in a spring-loaded mechanism which gives a well-defined force against the earcap, to prevent acoustical leakage. The force is indicated on a scale for easy adjustment.

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Features of Type 4602 Telephone Test Head


  • Accurate and repeatable positioning of telephone handsets for electroacoustic measurements
    • Testing of almost all telephone handset designs, including handsets with antennas and handsets with asymmetrically positioned transducers
    • Quality control of complete production batches or quality assurance of test samples
    • Type approval and conformance testing
  • Measurements in standardized speaking positions: LRGP, HATS, AEN (ITU-T) and REF (OREM A)


  • Turnkey system provided with a PC
  • Coverage of a wide range of national PSTN standards in Europe, North America and Asia
  • Completely software controlled using Microsoft Windows
  • Adaptive test methods for sine excitation ensuring highly accurate measurement results – even in noisy environments
  • Full digital equalisation of mouth simulator
  • Quick Data Browser showing graphs and tables of previously done measurements
  • Extensive on-line Help facilities
  • Automatic test report generation in Microsoft Word
  • Selection of extensive or short test report formats
  • Test case parameters and requirements can be user defined
  • Export of measurement results to a wide range of file formats

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4602 Telephone Test Head

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