4448- Noise Dosimeter


Intrinsically Safe Logging Noise Dose Meter

A shoulder-mounted, cable-free noise dose meter that simultaneously measures all parameters required by Noise at Work standards. Simple two-button operation, an informative LCD display and an auto-calibration function make this unit very easy to use. The built-in memory and rechargeable battery provide several working days of measurement.

Type 4448 is available in an A and B version. The advanced Noise Dose Meter Type 4448-B simultaneously measures LAeq and LCeq, so that by using the Noise Reduction Rating (NNR), Single Number Rating (SNR) and/or High, Middle, Low (HML) rating method, appropriate hearing protection can be selected directly from the measured data.

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Features of Type 4448 – Noise Dosimeter


  • Assessment of noise exposure at work
  • Occupational noise evaluation
  • Daily ‘noise watchdog’
  • Selection of hearing protection


  • 180 hours logging storage: LAeq, Lav, LZpeak and LZpeak at 1 minute interval
  • Peak counting (135, 137 and 140 dB level exceedance)
  • Pre-set measurement time up to 12 hours
  • LCD display for measurement review on instrument, battery and memory status
  • Keys and display lock function
  • LED warning alarm for dangerous sound level
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery giving 28 hours of operation time

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4448- Noise Dosimeter

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