4232 Anechoic Test Box

Small and versatile unit for easy anechoic testing

An anechoic test box ideally has two main purposes – to produce an exact acoustic replicate of an electric input signal and to exclude all external noise. Anechoic Test Box Type 4232 comes very close to these objectives, in a unit that is so small that you can easily use it on your desk.

The test box provides excellent insulation from external noise, even at low frequencies, and well-defined uniform test conditions, important requirements for obtaining accurate and repeatable measurements. The rectangular, table-top design of the test box consists of the main bottom section that contains the sound source and the measuring plane, and the hinged lid that is easily opened to give access to the measuring plane on which the test object, coupler or microphone is placed.

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Features of Type 4232 -Anechoic Test Box


  • Fast and reliable testing of hearing aids and microphones in a uniform sound field
  • Investigation of hearing aids, microphones, earphones and telecoils


  • High insulation against airborne noise
  • Wide frequency range: 35 Hz to 10 kHz ±3 dB (100 Hz to 8 kHz ±2 dB)
  • Uniform sound field across the measurement plane
  • Total harmonic distortion typically less than 0.1% at 70 dB SPL (125 Hz to 8 kHz)
  • Usable for pressure microphones down to 50 Hz and for pressure gradient microphones down to approximately 500 Hz
  • Approximates the free-progressive sound field as specified by IEC 60118
  • SPL at microphone opening conforms to ANSI S 3.22 – 1992
  • Handy table-top design
  • Built-in current loop for testing telecoil function

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4232 Anechoic Test Box

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