4128 – Head and Torso

Provide the correct simulation of acoustic fields

Head and Torso Simulator (HATS)

Head and Torso Simulators Types 4128-C and D are mannequins with built-in mouth simulators and calibrated ear simulators (according to IEC 60318–4/ITU-T Rec. P.57 Type 3.3) that provide realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of an average adult human head and torso. They are ideal for performing in-situ electroacoustic tests on, for example, telephone handsets (including mobile and cordless), headsets, audio conference devices, microphones, headphones, hearing aids and hearing protectors.

Handset Positioner for HATS

Handset Positioner Type 4606, with pressure/force and position read-outs, allows accurate, repeatable mounting of telephone handsets on HATS in both standardised and user-defined positions. This makes HATS into a state-of-the-art telephone test rig for measurement according to ITU-T recommendations.

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Features of Type 4128 – Head and Torso


HATS Type 4128-C

  • Testing of headphones
  • Evaluation of close-talking/noise-cancelling microphones
  • Measurements on telephone headsets and hands-free communication
  • devices Measurements on mobile and domestic telephones
  • In-situ/insertion measurements on hearing aids
  • Testing of hearing protectors

HATS Type 4128-D, additional uses*

  • Accurate, repeatable positioning of telephone handsets on HATS for electroacoustic measurements
  • Testing of almost all telephone handset designs
  • Measurements in standardised positions according to the ITUT Rec. P.64


  • Mannequin provides accurate acoustic representation of the average human adult
  • Complies with the acoustic requirements of ITU-T Rec. P.58, IEC 60318–7† and ANSI S3.36-1985
  • Highly representative ITU-T Rec. P.58-based mouth simulator
  • Highly representative IEC 60318–4‡/ITU-T Rec. P.57 Type 3.3 based calibrated ear simulator
  • Includes pinnae complying with ITU-T Rec. P.57. A set of harder pinnae is available
  • Adjustable neck angle to permit realistic posture
  • Individual calibration data supplied
  • Adaptable for a wide variety of telephone handset types (with Type 4606)
  • Simple to configure for standardised or user-defined mounting positions (with Type 4606)
  • Graduated adjustment in three planes about the Ear Reference Point (with Type 4606)
  • Spring-loaded mounting of the handset against the ear with adjustable pressure force (with Type 4606)
  • Positioning on both ears simulating left- and right-handed users (with Types 4606 and 4159-C)

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4128 – Head and Torso

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