Turbo Meca Vibe Set

Turbo Meca Vibe Set

Dedicated tool for field inspection

The Engine Vibration Test Kit Type 3656-A is a dedicated tool for field inspection of all Turbomeca helicopter engine families. Vibration test measurements are performed according to the respective engine maintenance manual.

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Features of Turbo Meca Vibe Set


  • Engine vibration tests according to Turbomeca specifications
  • Immediate pass/fail decisions
  • Recording and documentation of tests


  • Turbomeca templates for all engine families
  • One handed operation and simplified operator user-interface
  • Message if level limitations are exceeded
  • No computer required during measurements
  • Results and raw data stored for post-processing
  • Easy data export to consumer software
  • Long-life rechargeable battery operation (>8 hours)

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Turbo Meca Vibe Set

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