Operating Deflection Shapes

Operating Deflection Shapes

Operating Deflection Shapes Analysis – Type 7765

Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) analysis is used for determination of the vibration pattern of a structure under given operating conditions. Vibration measurements are performed at different points and directions on the structure and the vibration pattern can be shown as an animated geometry model of the structure or listed in a shape table.

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Features of Operating Deflection Shapes


  • Time ODS, Spectral ODS and Run-up/down ODS Analysis


  • Complete guidance through all stages of Time, Spectral and Run-up/down ODS measurements
  • Time ODS for analysing structural vibrations in a given frequency range as a function of time
  • Spectral ODS for analysing structural vibrations for a specific frequency or order component under stationary, or almost stationary, conditions
  • Run-up/down ODS for analysing structural vibrations for specific order components as a function of rotational speed
  • Single, Overlaid, Difference and Side-by-side Animation – no ODS post-processing package needed
  • AVI file generation for reporting
  • Shape Table for documentation and comparison of shapes
  • Ratio-based Phase Assigned Spectra (PAS), giving the average ODS when using multiple datasets
  • Possibility to do time data recordings without predefined geometry
  • Supports multiple references including the use of a tachometer as a reference
  • Graphical Tacho Setup for conditioning of the tacho signal (for order-based Spectral ODS or Run-up/down ODS)
  • Autotracking for fundamental frequency extraction directly from measurement signal
  • Speed profile of the fundamental frequency from tacho probe or Autotracker
  • Seamless integration with leading structural dynamics post-processing packages like BK Connect Reflex Modal Analysis, Test for I-deas, ME’scopeVES and MODENT Suite for Time ODS and Spectral ODS
  • Export of geometry, measurement data and DOF information to structural dynamics post-processing packages
  • Support of BK Connect Data Manager for easy storage and retrieval of geometry and shapes

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Operating Deflection Shapes

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