Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

Intelligent Noise

Hearing aid designers have to take a long list of expectations and corresponding challenges into consideration, including:

  • Improve speech intelligibility in noise
  • Reproduce nature’s sounds
  • Make soft sounds audible
  • Ensure that loud sounds are never uncomfortably loud
  • Ensure optimum music reproduction
  • Improve the users’ perception of their own voices

Developing solutions for hearing aid manufacturers so that they can test, benchmark, quality control and augment the design of their products, allows Brüel & Kjær the opportunity to help improve the quality and joy of life for the hearing impaired. Its commitment to the market manifests itself through dedicated solutions – from specialised couplers to total turnkey systems – that support both traditional standardised electroacoustic measurements as well as open and flexible measurement and analysis solutions that assist in the development of new hearing aid technologies and features.

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Hearing Aids

Performance Testing during Research and Development

Innovation and competition are not foreign terms for hearing aid companies. To stay in this market you have to keep up with or develop new technologies while maintaining strict standards. Test scenarios must support a range of subjective and objective measurements in order to provide quality hearing reproduction and problem-free communication. Our high-quality, reliable solutions support the whole measurement chain – from individual transducers to integrated analyzers, measurement, analysis and data management solutions and turnkey systems.

Optimising Structural Designs

Today’s ultra-small and flexible hearing aids offer more comfort and versatility than ever. But these improvements bring with them a number of difficult challenges for designers, especially when budgets are being reduced and development time decreased. To maintain their commitment to cutting-edge technology while limiting the use of resource-heavy prototypes, designers and engineers are looking to computer-based modelling and simulation. Our structural dynamics platform, combined with our electroacoustic measurement and analysis tools can speed up product and component development and allow for targeted troubleshooting.

Production Testing

Production and production line testing must safeguard a company’s reputation, verify conformance to international standards and keep up with market demands. This can be complicated with products that have highly sensitive components, are produced in a multitude of versions and with production staff that are not acoustic experts. We provide the world’s best microphones, preamplifiers and systems for quick and precise audio testing on line. The equipment has outstanding sensitivity and quality of measurement and is durable with a very high stability towards environmental changes.

Testing Environmental Durability

A manufacturer should be able to evaluate how well its products hold up under typical environmental conditions including falls, shocks, rattling, impacts during transportation and a variety of meteorological conditions. By running environmental tests, a manufacturer can check for failures and optimise the design and materials of products, components and packaging. Brüel & Kjær has a range of vibration and environmental testing solutions for testing even the smallest of components.

Audiometer Calibration

The audiometer is an important assessment tool. Its accuracy determines the future for many hearing impaired as it evaluates the individual’s hearing threshold at different frequencies – wrong information can mean the wrong diagnosis. To ensure its accuracy, regular calibration is necessary. Brüel & Kjær supplies audiologists with the tools to measure and calibrate an audiometer’s acoustic and vibrational parameters quickly and reliably.

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Hearing Aids

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