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Sound Intensity Measurements with LAN-XI

Sound intensity is a versatile tool to measure the magnitude and direction of the energy in a sound field. The measurement technique is used for a variety of applications such as the determination of sound power, sound absorption and sound transmission.

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BK Connect Sound Power

Sound intensity

Sound intensity is defined as the rate of acoustic energy flow per unit area and is measured in W/m2.

Acoustic energy is normally called sound power – measured in watts – and is defined as the rate at which airborne sound is radiated by a source. Sound pressure – measured in pascals – is defined as the fluctuating pressure superimposed on the static pressure by the presence of sound.

Sound intensity is calculated from the product of the sound pressure and the particle velocity. While sound pressure can easily be measured directly, the particle velocity is usually determined by a finite difference approximation.

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BK Connect Sound Power

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