BK Connect 200Khz LANXI Acquisition Hardware

Pulse 200 LANXI Acquisition Hardware

For High-Frequency applications

LAN-XI Module Type 3161 is specifically designed for high-frequency applications such as transducer calibration and underwater defence applications.

The module offers a combination of one input channel and one generator output channel. Both input and output channels have a frequency range of DC to 204.8 kHz.

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Features of BK Connect 200Khz LANXI Acquisition Hardware


  • High-frequency sound and vibration measurements
  • Underwater acoustics applications
  • High-energy impact measurements
  • High-frequency generator output channel for system excitation and transducer calibration
  • Measurement frontend module for BK Connect measurement and analysis software
  • Frontend for PC-based Data Recorder Type 7708
  • Single-module measurements
  • Multi-module measurement/distributed system
  • Stand-alone recording (no PC) using LAN-XI Notar


  • One input channel, DC to 204.8 kHz, 524 ksamples/s sampling rate
  • One generator output channel, DC to 204.8 kHz, 1.024 Msamples/s sample rate
  • One input signal monitor output
  • Dyn-X technology
  • Req-X technology
  • Supports TEDS transducers
  • Input for charge transducers and hydrophones
  • Input for 200 V microphones and hydrophones
  • Interchangeable front panels

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BK Connect 200Khz LANXI Acquisition Hardware

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