Pulse Reflex Software

Dedicated post-processing applications for PULSE software

PULSE Reflex adds dedicated post-processing applications to the PULSE software environment. It brings together a range of generic post-processing tools for offline analysis and processing of time data, experimental modal analysis and building acoustics data analysis. The innovative GUI delivers genuine ease-of-use through a workflow concept that is easy to learn and consistent across applications.

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Features of PULSE Reflex-Analysis Software

Automatically Create Reports for Analysis

Reporting is built into the workflow and includes tools for automatically creating reports based on previously designed templates. The aim is to make the task of data processing and reporting as simple and straightforward as possible, giving testers and engineers more time to focus on result interpretation.

PULSE Reflex Core is the application suite for offline analysis of recorded time data. It is fast and flexible, allowing complex analyses to be set up, stored, and re-used. Multiple sets of input data can be processed together in preset batch operations for increased efficiency.

All data is stored in the PULSE Reflex database, which can also include data from the PULSE LabShop real-time environment.

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Pulse Reflex Software

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