Classical Modal Analysis

Classical Modal Analysis

PULSE Reflex Measurements – Type 8729-A & 8729-B

PULSE Reflex™ real‐time measurements are designed to take advantage of Brüel & Kjær’s unique coverage of the complete measurement chain, from transducers and front‐end hardware to data acquisition, analysis and reporting. The emphasis is on scalability, from small (single‐module) systems to large (multi-module) systems, and high productivity in the traditionally most time‐consuming aspects of data measurement:

  • Setting up transducers, channel tables, excitation and analysis parameters
  • Post‐processing, displaying and reporting results

All measurements are directly accessible by the PULSE Reflex post‐processing applications; PULSE Reflex Core for general purpose post‐processing, PULSE Reflex Modal Analysis for modal parameter estimation and PULSE Reflex Correlation Analysis for test‐FEA model correlation.

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Features of Classical Modal Analysis


  • Modal data acquisition and validation
  • Impact hammer FRF measurements
  • Single- or multi-shaker FRF measurements
  • Mechanical impedance or mobility measurements
  • Time data recording during measurements
  • Integrated solution from structural measurements to FEM correlation with PULSE Reflex Modal Analysis Types 8720 and 8721 and PULSE Reflex Correlation Analysis Type 8722


  • Geometry-guided modal data acquisition using PULSE Reflex Modal Analysis or PULSE Reflex Core
  • Interactive graphical representation of the front-end hardware using the Hardware Matrix, with coloured light rings to indicate channel status, for example, overloads, just as on the actual LAN-XI hardware
  • Easy management and overview of large channel counts
  • Automatic detection of TEDS-enabled transducers as well as auto-import of TEDS data
  • Integrated transducer manager and database

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Classical Modal Analysis

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